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Being a first-generation high school graduate and college student, there were many barriers I had to navigate in order to have a chance at life outside of socioeconomic disadvantage. Growing up in poverty, I didn't know what an entrepreneur was per say, but I knew there were people and families who were able to escape the oppression of poverty by owning businesses. From the local grocers, banks, dollar stores, and restaurants, my small town had remnants of family-owned businesses. I never thought that I'd become a business owner. I only knew that I wanted to help others.
As a child, I was so sure that I would be a pediatrician because I liked babies, and you could always find me watching the baby channels on TV when I wasn't in school. As I got older, I realized I wouldn't be able to get through medical school because I hated needles and the sight of blood. As fate would have it, I began to discover new interests. I enjoyed observing other people's behavior, and how the mind works. As a result, I set off to college to study psychology so that I could understand the human mind and behavior. It became ingrained in my mind that I wanted to help others using that knowledge. Outside of the classroom, I had very diverse hobbies. As a teenager, I learned how to write resumes for others. I didn't fully understand the purpose of a resume, but others really believed in my writing capabilities and skill for articulating vividly on paper. Little did I know, that was the beginning of helping others in ways I never imagined.
It is very common for most students to also have a job while in college. I intended to have a job to make ends meet, but my employment experience proved to be the catalyst to life-changing opportunities and experiences. Early in my undergrad career, I landed a job in IT that exposed me to top corporate skills and principles that allowed me to advance as a millennial professional. Before the age of 21, I found myself being elevated to managing QA and Data testing efforts for one of my employer's million dollar client engagements. Prior to earning my first degree, I was able to pivot across various Fortune 1000 companies in diverse industries, including retail, healthcare, restaurant, and multimedia publishing. I've went on to become a change agent in various areas of higher education which has led me to me purpose of career development.
I built Ambition Evolve to utilize my corporate and leadership expertise and educational background in psychology to help other millennial professionals and college students reach their pinnacle of career success. Who says you have to have decades of experience to be happy in your job? Who says you have to have a laundry list of degrees to obtain your goals? I've broken the mold, and Ambition Evolve is reaching back to help other motivated young professionals to do the same!
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