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Kenyetta Marie is an expert in developing young adults in three specific areas: career, education, and life. With the advocacy, necessary guidance, and tools, you can actualize the purpose and experiences within you to shatter stereotypes and boldly reach uncharted heights. Take a look below to learn more about the sessions and topics that you can feature at your upcoming event!

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Career Readiness/Transferrable Skills Training

Preparation for Life After College

Professional Development

Attendees will engage in hands on activities and training that focuses on specific sets of soft and hard-skills that are in demand in the workforce.

Ideal for high school & college students. This workshop will engage students in activities to prepare them for life after college, such as choosing a career, budgeting/saving, renting/owning property, credit preparedness, etc.

In this workshop, Kenyetta covers principles of professional development that are paramount to the success of employees within a company. This workshop is structured based on the specific needs of an organization.

Speaking Topics

Breaking Generational Cycles

Kenyetta embodies the strength of transparency as she uses her life story to show other young adults the power of overcoming negative generational cycles in their families. Being a first generation high-school and college graduate, Kenyetta is the first in her immediate family to excel in academics and receive multiple degrees at the top of her class. She has overcome many barriers to success that have held her family captive for years. Having reached new heights both in and outside the classroom, Kenyetta inspires those young and old that it's never to late to dream a new dream, set a new goal, and go farther than others before you have gone. We all have a unique story, and instead of resenting the cards that life has dealt us, we should embrace it as a chance to show others what PURPOSE looks like.

Navigating College: A Student's Guide to Success

Kenyetta speaks candidly about the possibilities that are afforded with an education. It is a common cliche for most students to say that college "isn't for them," yet most students don't have any other plan for succeeding after finishing high school. It's okay that a traditional college setting isn't for everyone, but it's important to have a plan for HIGHER education. It's true that the costs associated with going to college have skyrocketed, but students need to know that you don't have to create tons of debt as a result of choosing to further your education. In this workshop, Kenyetta discusses strategies and tips that helped her navigate the realm of being a college student and being employed full-time. Sub-topics include utilizing student services, knowing what major to pursue, setting goals, time management, having a job, selecting a school, scholarships & "free money", career services, advisors, tutoring, and MORE. This session is ideal for high school students and current college students.

Discovering Success in Your Career

This session delves into the topic of career development for millennials. Kenyetta uses her expertise and knowledge as a professional development strategist to share tips on clarifying your goals, communicating your skills, and securing meaningful employment. Many people dread their alarm clock every day commanding them to go into a job that they hate. Countless others are staying in jobs that are no longer fulfilling to them just to make their ends meet. There are even some who are unable to find employment that aligns with their goals and purpose. In this session, Kenyetta delivers a practical, yet powerful discussion about assessing your career goals, clarifying your values, and addressing your mindset towards having the career you desire. She empowers you to walk boldly in the direction of your calling in the workforce.

Women's Empowerment: Self-Esteem, Finding Your Voice & Purpose

Kenyetta speaks intimately about the power of affirming oneself as a young woman, and seeing beauty beyond the scars and pains of life. She dives deeply into her own struggle with her self-image and esteem growing up, and her evolution into a woman of confidence, ambition, and self-love. She takes you on a journey of mind renewal, healing from hurts, and freeing yourself from the opinions of others. She inspires young women to be bold and courageous in loving themselves no matter their shape or size.  Most importantly, she empowers young women to embrace who God has created them to be - flaws and all.

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